Clixsense Review: Is it Legit or a Scam site to earn money?

Are you new to Clixsense? If yes, this Clixsense review is for you my friend. To clear your doubts, Clixsense is undoubtedly the best GPT sites. It is a 100% legit site and it has been running since 2007. It has been paying its members without any complaints ever since.

Clixsense Review


Lets read through everything on this Clixsense review to know more about Clixsense.


What is Clixsense? is a GPT (Get Paid to) site. A GPT site is a site on which you can earn money by doing the jobs available on the site.  Clixsense has many earning methods available for members.

Actually, Clixsense was a Paid To Click site at first. A paid to click site is where you get Paid for clicking and viewing an advertisement. But later with time, it evolved into a Get Paid to (GPT) site by introducing many ways to earn. For example- clicking ads, surveys, tasks, offers etc. In July 2017 Clixsense fully updated to a GPT site.

Clixsense was founded by Mr. Steven Grisky and launched in February 2007. But later in May 2010, it was sold to Mr. Jim Grago. Now Jim Grago is the owner of Clixsense.

Currently, Clixsense has more than 8 millions members registered to their site. It has paid more than 27 million to their members ever since its existence.

This Clixsense review features almost everything about Clixsense. So, to understand Clixsense fully, read the whole Clixsense review carefully.


Is it really a Legit Money Earning site?

Yes ! Of course, it is a legit site.

You wanna see some real-life data? Well, first of all, It’s Age. Clixsense has been online since 2007. It would not have been alive for such a long time if it was a Scam site. The World of the Internet is very fast. So, everyone would have spread the words that it is a Scam site. was first registered in December 2006 and it is registered until December 2021. Clixsense seems to be very serious about their business so they have registered until 2021. The whois information for Clixsene is public. You can see that James Grago is the register and owner of Clixsense.

The reception of people counts most if you are looking for anything else. Clixsense has positive reviews from all over the internet.

Well, some might say it is not the highest earning method on the internet like blogging. Well, I also agree on that. You can not be a millionaire working on Clixsense for sure. But that shouldn’t turn you down. Clixsense is a place where you can earn directly and easily after signup. In case of Blogging and other online earning ways, you need to work hard and master many skills and build a fan base for months and sometimes even years. All of your hard work for no money until you succeed with your blog and start earning huge.

Clixsense is for beginners. You join > work > earn > cashout. In blogging, you learn > invest > work hard > learn > work hard > if succeed > cashing in money. So, Clixsense is the clear winner in your case. Isn’t it?

Take a look at a Clixsense Payment Proof below, a payment I received from Clixsense to my Payoneer account.

Clixsense Payment Proof via Payoneer



Registration on Clixsense?

Registering to Clixsense is an easy process that can be done instantly. You can start accessing the site instantly once you set up your profile. Its free to join Clixsene. Basic need to join Clixsense are your email and your online payment processor account.

If you haven’t registered yet Join Clixsense Now.


Who is Eligible to work on Clixsense?

Anyone can join Clixsene from anywhere around the globe. Well, almost the whole globe.

Some countries are restricted to Clixsense. It is not available in Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq and North Korea.



The Minimum payment balance is $10 for members.

At this moment Clixsense has 5 payment options to Cashout for its members. Members can cash out via

The best option, in my opinion, is Payoneer. Payoneer is a global online payment processor that is available in more than 200 countries.

You can even create accounts in all of the Payment Processor that best fit your condition. Well, my best picks are Payoneer, Skrill and Payza. Check and Tango Card are not that necessary as you will definitely find the other three options more useful.

How to Create your Payoneer Account? A $25 Payoneer Signup Bonus for Clixybikram Visitors.

How to Create your Payza Account?

How to Create Your Skrill Account?


Methods to Earn money on Clixsense.

It is very beginners friendly. Almost everybody can understand it’s jobs. There are 4 ways you can make money on Clixsense.

Clixsense Banner Large


It is the best method to make money on Clixsense. Surveys are among the highest paying jobs on Clixsense and easy as well.

They are available on basis of Geolocation and your profile answers. And that makes the availability of surveys more for Top tier countries.

As you can imagine surveys are very easy to answer. It is a clean process of answering what you like, what you want, what you look for in a product etc. Well, sometimes some survey might ask you to write few lines about your opinion on a subject. Well, that doesn’t seem anything hard, isn’t it?

You see, the Screenshot of my $20 payments. Well, most of that $20 is from surveys and only a few portions were from offers.



It is also a good method of earning money on Clixsense.

Tasks are the jobs that need a little bit of skill. No! not anything tough but some basic skill. Most importantly a clear and good understanding of English, because most of the time tasks are in English. Tasks are available in other languages also, but at a very low rate.

Crowd flowers task are subjected to available on basis of the level achieved from the everyday effort. Here on tasks the more you keep complete, the more you earn. There are three types of badges upon skills of jobs. You will have to earn the badges to get more and high paying jobs.



Clixsense Offers are really easy to complete.

With offers, you can earn money after completing them. If you ask me what you have to do to complete offers. Well, there are many offer walls to complete offers from. To pick any offer to complete, there are several types of offers. Most some of the most obvious offers to complete are – filling surveys, playing games, apps download, watching videos, shop online etc.

With many offer walls, availability of offers are also more. And these offers are legit as well. But some of them do not pay instantly.

There are 10 different offer walls available on Clixsense to complete offers from. They are:

  1. Clixoffers.
  3. TrialPay.
  4. TokenAds.
  5. OfferToro.
  6. SuperRewards.
  7. KiwiWall.
  8. Adscend.
  9. Adgate.
  10. Wannads.


Clixsense Affiliate Program:

Clixsense has its affiliate program. Because of the importance of affiliate programs in Clixsense sites we have reviewed the program separately to the other earning opportunities on this Clixsene review.

With the affiliate program, you can earn commission from the people you refer to Clixsense with your special affiliate link.

You will get commissions from surveys, offers, and tasks that your referral completes. Not only that, you will also get signup bonus for qualified referrals.

Clixsense provides whopping 20% referral commission on survey, tasks and offers for the lifetime. Means you earn 20% of your referral’s income on Clixsense. For signup bonus, you get $2 for every referral that has earned $5.

If you can attract referrals continuously on a daily basis. Then you can earn a decent amount of money without any effort. To achieve this you will have to run a campaign from where you can get referrals.

On the internet, you will see hundreds of ways that suggests recruiting direct referrals. But in reality, there are only 2 ways that I have found to be useful to Get Referrals for Clixsense Daily.

Trust me, if you can really master the art of recruiting referrals to Clixsense. Ohh man! you can earn your living with Clixsense. The Clixsense affiliate program has the ability to cash in in four-digit monthly income for you.


Daily Checklist Bonus.

The Daily Checklist Bonus is a checklist of jobs, where you receive a bonus for qualifying the checklist. It is a way of earning more money on Clixsense.

For each day that you complete your Daily Checklist, a bonus of up to 16.0% are added to your account balance at the end of that day. The bonus amount you can earn is unlimited; it only depends on your activity.

The Daily Checklist not only helps you keep track of your daily ClixSense activity it also rewards you for being an active ClixSense member.

This bonus is calculated from your total personal earnings that include your completed CrowdFlower Tasks and completed Offers and Surveys. Other bonuses and referral commissions are not included.

The Daily Checklist Bonus conditions are:

  • Everyone might have not offers or tasks available to do. So, you are required to complete only one of the following:
    1. you need to Complete at least 10 CrowdFlower Tasks.
    2. Complete at least 2 offers or surveys from the offers and surveys pages (except video offers).
    3. Complete at least 5 CrowdFlower Tasks and at least 1 offer or survey from the offers and surveys pages (except video offers).
  • Visit at least one page of Clixsense forum. Posting is not required.



  • Stable and established site.
  • Huge and Unlimited earning capabilities.
  • Lots of earning ways.
  • Unlimited referral earnings.
  • Unlimited Referrals.
  • Bonus feature with Daily Checklist Bonus.


  • No PayPal option to Cashout. Until 2016, Clixsense uses to pay its members via PayPal. But with PayPal’s strict policy they selected to shutdown Clixsense’s account. Since 2017 PayPal has been totally removed from Cashout option of Clixsense.


Some Tips & Tricks for more success.

Read and use the tips to earn more money in Clixsense.

  • Create only one account of yours. Creating multiple accounts is against their Terms. So this might result in getting banned from Clixsense permanently.
  • Install ClixAddon on ur browser to stay updated whenever any new jobs are available.
  • You might not qualify for every survey you try, you have to qualify on basis of several factors like your age, sex, location etc. Always try to answer honestly.
  • While completing a task, always try to be right and accurate because maintaining your level of accuracy is very important.
  • Keep up to date with the daily checklist bonus. Because 16% bonus is very profitable. Not completing checklist daily will lower your bonus to 12%.
  • If you complete any download from offerwalls, always take a screenshot of the download page. Sometimes offerwalls asks for proof of download.


Conclusion of my Clixsense Review:

To conclude my main thought on Clixsense, I will say that it is a legit paying site and one should try it out.

It is the easiest way to make money online in comparison to all of online way of earning possible. It is one of the best GPT sites among all the sites alive.

This Clixsense review is been written from my experience with the site. I’m (author) a member of Clixsense since February 2016. I’m very much impressed with Clixsense.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read my Clixsense Review.

Happy Earnings

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